Discover the Best Value Sightseeing Tours & Days out’s

Cash-conscious families, tourists and holidaymakers can discover the best value sightseeing and day out’s throughout the world destination with new travel comparison website Tripindicator.

Burgess Hill, RH., December 22, 2020 — The Easter holiday season is experiencing significant growth in the new year as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic. Attractions, sightseeing tours and outdoor activities across the world are also adopting new measures and admitting limited numbers to adhere to social distancing and safety measures put in place by authorities.

For the first time, offers price comparisons on city attractions, day trips, sightseeing tours, and outdoor activities across the UK, Europe and in throughout the world at popular tourist hotspots.

The price is right – and right at fingertips

Cash-conscious families, tourists and holidaymakers can discover the best value sightseeing and day out’s throughout the world destination with new travel comparison website

– In conjunction with Viator, Tiqets, Ticketbar, GetYourGuide, Civitatis, Klook, and Manawa. is the first ever dedicated price comparison site for day trips and popular tourist attractions.
– This brand new site is incredibly user friendly and features over 20 trip categories to help visitors find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.
– Aims to give an economic boost to beleaguered tourist industry

A different kind of comparison site

Unlike other price comparison sites which focus only on flights, hotels and car hire, is committed to saving time and money by offering consumers a quick and easy way to find fun, affordable rates and safe day trips and activities in the UK. With, all it takes is a few clicks to find the perfect Easter activities for singles, couples and families. No need to trawl through different websites or spend hours on hold to find the best Easter activities at the best price. Visitors to Tripindicator can simply browse through the different categories on the site to compare prices on a wide range of trips, tours and tourist hot spots.

Passport to the best overseas prices

If anyone heading overseas this Easter, take a look at for fantastic savings on days out and rainy day activities. Whether looking for lush lobster in Lyon or fancy a walking tour of Warsaw, search for days out and activities in some top destinations like Dubai, Rome, London, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, Amsterdam, New York as well as Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the USA. also offers price comparisons on a huge number of tourist attractions, including skip the line options, bus tours and travel passes.

Going the distance on safe attractions

Across the globe, the tourist industry has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, with countless businesses being forced to close their doors for good. After a very different Christmas season, many people will be looking toward the Easter holidays for a well earned break from routine. While social distancing measures are likely to still be in place, lots of fun attractions will still be open for business and, indications are that the day trip is set to replace overseas travel for the time being. has teamed up with a number of incredible leisure providers including hop on, hop off bus tours, museums, tour companies and theme parks to help customers find the right day trip or activity at the right time – and at the right price. As Tripindicator is dedicated to helping to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, all of its leisure partners have been carefully selected to ensure that crucial health and safety measures are in place.

Launched by Reddy Yattapu of London-based Smooth Move Consultancy, is the first ever comparison site for day trips and tourist attractions. Quick, easy, user friendly – and free to use, provides price comparisons on thousands of trips and activities at the click of a button.

Founder, Reddy, says, “There are lots of websites for flights, hotels and car rentals comparison but not one which enables families and tourists to compare ticket prices of sightseeing tours and attractions. Families and tourists can spend a small fortune organising days out and activities when on holiday or travelling and this is a very easy way for them to find the best value. I think that this really will make a difference to those holiday budgets, while attractions will also feel the benefit with increased footfall. This really should be a boost for everyone. We have brought all this together by comparing the leading websites and will be adding more as is committed to providing travellers with the best sightseeing tours and attraction through our tickets comparison site. We’re hoping that this will provide a boost to everyone; consumers and businesses alike.” also provides price comparisons for airport transfers, car hire via economy bookings and accommodation via It also has practical information including guides to the best airport to fly to global destinations and terminal guides to 165 airports. is mobile friendly and plans for an app are in development.

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Importance of Car Service in Jaipur to Run a Car smoothly.

It Pays to Take Your Car for service in Jaipur

There is nothing quite as important as taking good care of your vehicle. Taking the right preventative car service in Jaipur, steps in advance can save you tons of cash and serious headaches! A routine oil change could literally mean the world of difference between having engine failures.

You could wind up spending an absolute fortune replacing a dead engine because of sludgy oil. Oil changes are very affordable, typically starting at the 900 INR price tag. It is highly suggested that you have a professional change the old oil with a high-performance brand for your car service.

They are able to safely dispose of the oil down their drains. For car service in Jaipur, you can call Gadi Care.

What are the components of car service in Jaipur?

A full vehicle maintenance inspection consists of several major components being thoroughly examined. These components usually involve the engine, brakes, transmission, wheel alignment, suspension and smog check. Your vehicle will be placed on a lift, so the mechanics can look under the car and give the wheels a spin to detect damages. These all must include when you take your car for periodic service.

A computerized diagnostic test may be performed to further evaluate any imbalances when you turn the wheel. This is unbelievably dangerous, especially when you’re accelerating at fast speeds on the highways, Tires should be replaced if they are old and outdated. Small punctures can be spotted and fixed, so you never face the risk of having a flat down the line. Wheel balancing and alignment is a crucial part for car service.

If you are located in Jaipur you should explore the services of Gadi Care. They offer best quotations and services for car maintenance services.

Once the vehicle is lowered from the lift, the most crucial inspection comes to place. This is when the team of experts pop open the hood and check the engine and transmission. These two areas are the most expensive to replace if something should go wrong. Car service canters must pay extra focus on these expensive components of a vehicle.

Repairs should be made if anything is out of place or missing altogether. Spark plugs need to be in perfect running condition just like the braking rotors. You may have to purchase new plugs, calipers or brake pads, but they won’t cost you a lot. In case you have a diesel car, then the heater plug must be inspected properly. You do not need to buy new heater plugs frequently for your car service.

You can’t imagine how important a good set of brakes are until you encounter an instance when you truly need them applied!

Your car service takes a total amount of time three to hours. A routine inspection should take approximately 20 minutes. You can sit patiently in the office while reading a magazine or using your smartphone until the inspection is completed. Make sure you request a quote before the tests begin just to be on the safe side and the cost of your car service do not go beyond your pocket.

Reputable auto body shops will have a set price list on the wall or in front of you on the desk. Taking these preventative measures not only gives you peace of mind when driving your car, but is also mandatory state requirements. Remember, it always pays to take care of your beloved car.

What are the available options for car service in Jaipur?

The answer to the above question is simple. You have multiple options for car maintenance. A local workshop may prove a right choice for you. Many online platforms are available on the internet. Authorized service canters are also in the competition. Generally, it is considered that authorized service canters are heavy on your picket in comparison with local workshops.

Online platforms are somewhere in the middle in the competition. These platforms offer extra services to the customers such as free pick-up and drop facilities etc so, you do not have to rush to the workshops. A big disadvantage of online car service booking platforms is the customer is always away from his car when it is serviced. Generally, it has been observed that online car service booking results in extra cost in the final bill.

Local car mechanics sometimes, is worthy to consider. These small shop workers are very experienced and bear with low payments. But these mechanics have some reliability issues such as closed down of car mechanic shops, not entertaining the existing customers etc.

Why should you choose Gadi Care for your car service?

Gadi Care is the best option for car service and maintenance in Jaipur. These guys not only offer offline car service but also online booking of car service in Jaipur. The claims Gadi Care makes that they always use OEM parts and go the extra mile. Apart from car services, they provide car insurance service and insurance claims accidental cars.

Gadi Care has extensive mechanics who are always ready to work fast with great quality. The performance of a mechanic is being analyzed by how many cars have been serviced and the quality of reviews from the customers. Thus, in this way they have developed unique techniques to deliver the quality service on time.

The main benefit to choosing Gadi Care is the low-cost final bill for car owners. Gadi Care offers to select a customer whether he or she wants to stay with their car or not. It all depends on the customer.

Excellent customer services for car owners

Every basic amenity is available in workshops of Gadi Care. For ease of customers, all basic facilities are available in the workshop. These facilities are toilets, waiting rooms with TV, water and coffee etc. But the customers can easily see their car when it is servicing. In this way Gadi Care is great option to explore for car service in Jaipur.

Find out the price/costing of your car service on


PCEX Member Launches PCEX Futures Priced in C2USD

Gurugram, Haryana: PCEX Member, Asia’s safest ad India’s fastest cryptocurrency exchange today announces the launch of its new product PCEX Futures to give Indian traders more opportunities of investment for making profits. PCEX Futures contract is a virtual derivative contract that is quoted and settlement in C2USD and each contract has a face value of a fixed amount of digital currencies. By introducing futures contracts in lot sizes, PCEX Member becomes the only cryptocurrency exchange in the world that enables traders or investors to buy numbers of contracts in one transaction. Moreover, it becomes the only cryptocurrency exchange in India that works on the NSE or BSE model and enables users to book maximum profit in the futures market at the lowest investment. 


The exchange provides a wider derivative portfolio with greater varieties of lot sizes in the C2USD market to cater traders of all levels. From mini BTC contracts to FCC contracts of a lot size of 500, all contracts are available with up to 30x leverage levels. C2USD pairs on PCEX Member include BTC, LTC, ETH,  FCC, and BCH. One can buy XMR/C2USD and DASH/C2USD contracts as well on the platform for 10th December 2020. 


Sandeep Phogat, CEO and Founder of PCEX Member, said, “ the launch of PCEX Futures, a stablecoin based derivative contracts will not only make trading simpler for users and but will also help them in calculating the risks before entering into the contract”. We have the most competitive futures products with lots of innovative features that will meet user’s trading requirements. He further added.


Key Features of PCEX Member Futures Contracts Includes:


  • Lot sizes: From mini BTC contracts to larger contracts, multiple lot sizes are available to cater traders of all levels. 


  • Leverage: Up to 30X


  • Supported pairs: BTC/C2USD, ETH/C2USD, BCH/C2USD, LTC/C2USD, DASH/C2USD, XMR/C2USD, and FCC/C2USD. 


  • Contract Period: 30 Days 


  • Transaction Fees: 0.3%


  • Interest: NA


  • Maker & Taker Fees: NA


“We have also introduced our android app a few weeks ago to enables traders to book the best profit without missing a second in the most volatile market in the world,” said Miss. Chavi Ahuja, Co-founder of PCEX Member. The mobile app comes with a lot of features and tools that will surely optimize users’ overall trading experience. Currently, the app supports spot trading in numerous trading pairs in different markets, and in coming days traders can access futures market as well on the app” She further added.


“In future, currently we have only a C2USD market, in the coming months, we will introduce new markets to give users more options for investments in the futuristic financial world.” Said Mr. Sandeep Phogat.