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Melodie MC & Statikk

Swedish dance music pioneers that during the 90s had major success all over the world by combining heavy beats, fast rap and catchy hooks, are now back for live bookings.

After over 20 years of absence Melodie MC and Statikk are now officially back, after joining the Swedish “We who love the 90s” 2019 summer tour, and are now available for bookings.

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Kungsberget has become a popular ski resort in Sweden and is now taking the next steps in development. On December 1, sales of new mountain cabins will be ready for sale in 2020 and 2021.

  • The journey we have made in Kungsberget, from daycare to ski resort, is fantastic and now expanding with mountain huts feels like the right step to take. There is a demand, at the same time as we believe it can help us take further steps forward, says Anders Kjällström, CEO of Branäsgruppen, the group in which Kungsberget is a part.

A few years ago, when Kungsberget was a day care center, it was probably difficult to predict the fantastic journey they have made until now. Today they are one of Sweden’s fastest growing ski resorts and a ski resort with several homes and more than 20 slopes. Although the housing supply is relatively large, with both apartments and smaller cabins, there has been a longing for genuine mountain cabins in the area. In total, 16 cottages will be built on the new area, Prinshöjden, where 5 turnkey houses will be available for sale as early as 2020.

There has been a craving for more cottages in the area and that we will now offer it is obviously great fun. We are one of the ten largest ski resorts when it comes to number of ski days in Sweden. The cabins will hopefully make us an even more attractive destination for ski lovers across the country, ”says Martina Svensson, site manager in Kungsberget.
The cottages will be 80 square meters, with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, sauna, ski storage and heating system with underfloor heating. The focus of the construction will be to create affordable housing with a long-term environmental approach, where both owners and tenants can fully enjoy a wonderful skiing holiday.

We see Kungsberget as a very interesting ski resort in progress, and an opportunity for a long cooperation, says Andreas Anderstam, CEO of Anderstam Fjällhus who builds the cabins. We met the owners and quickly felt that we had a consensus on the project, where we both want to build in high quality, in a long-term environmental thinking, but at the same time find a house type and a way to build the houses at a price that does not go away in terms of price.

Sales start for the cottages is December 1st.

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Anderstam a new house builder

Swedish house builder for the northern mountain area.

Do you dream about owning your very own ski lodge?Anderstam Fjallhus can help you realize your dreams.

This company is focused on the northern mountains area. Houses for a cold climate with a strong environment-friendly construction, these are one of Anderstam´s core values. Within their new website, you can also find vacant plots to build your dream house. The construction system allows for great alterations and multiple options for how you can build.

Visit today and start your journey to a better living.