Power Couple Releasing New Music We Are One

The newest couple on the gospel scene, David and Tiffany Spencer, releases their new single “We Are One.”

Laurinburg, Scotland., January 5, 2021 — The newest couple on the gospel scene, David and Tiffany Spencer, releases their new single “We Are One.” The single will be available on January 15, 2021, on all digital outlets. The release date is also Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday. The song is a reminder that King’s dream can be a reality. If we remember that we are one, we can get to the Promised Land together.

“We Are One” is a battle cry that we should continue to labor together until we realize King’s dream. “I enjoyed recording this song, and I hope listeners will embrace the message,” Tiffany said. “Our goal is to help people move past divisiveness by singing along with us- We Are One.”

2020 Elections brought out the best and worse in people. Voters on both sides of the aisle were very passionate and rightfully so. “We have to be careful not to let passion turn into hate towards our brothers and sisters who may not agree with our political stance,” David said. “Our differences do not have to divide us.”

The new single “We Are One” is riding the momentum of the couple’s recent successes.

“Gonna Make It,” the couple’s break out single, has been featured on radio stations around the country, charting as high as #22 on the Gospel Internet Radio BDS chart for airplay. The duet’s album “One Touch” was named the 2020 Kingdom Image Award Best Album of the year and won a 2020 Rhythm of Gospel Award for Best Packaging.

“It was such a huge honor and privilege to get the call four years ago to produce a few tracks for David and Tiffany’s acclaimed project, One Touch. Having worked with many versatile artists, I found working with them allowed me to take music production further without boundaries,” said Chris Adams, CEO of VonJoie Music. “Their chemistry, bond, and anointing made the records shine.”

David and Tiffany’s vocals are featured on records with Kim Cash Tate, Bryon Walker, Sheri Jones Moffett, Will Harris Fellowship Chorale, JaShawna Bellamy, and many more projects. James Patrick Stuart, Emmy Award Nominee, featured the couple’s “soultry vocals” on his record “Can You Feel Me,” which he performed on ABC’s General Hospital.

David and Tiffany Spencer, high school sweethearts, met during choir rehearsal at Lumberton Senior High. They are now happily married with three children, Daveah, David Jr., and Amiyah. Tiffany is a music educator at Spring Hill Middle School in Scotland County. David serves as the Minister of Music at Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church, in Bennettsville, SC.

To Contact or Book David & Tiffany Spencer visit www.davidandtiffanyspencer.com

David Spencer
Sound of David
Laurinburg, Scotland

Centipenny Announces the Launch of its Micropayment Service for Digital Publishers

CentiPenny is a startup looking to revolutionize the way content-based websites earn money through its “micropayments with an easy button” service.

Wytheville, Virginia, United States., December 22, 2020 — CentiPenny announces the launch of its new micropayment service designed to fit the needs of digital publishers. With this launch, CentiPenny brings to market a viable payment solution for sub-dollar transactions which have largely been non-viable due to the transaction fees of traditional payment processors. Unlike most micropayment systems, CentiPenny does not rely on the use of cryptocurrencies, making the service available to a wide audience.

CentiPenny was designed for the real world needs of digital publishers. Businesses can use CentiPenny as the default paywall for content, in conjunction with an existing subscription paywall, for in-game or in-app purchases, or for quick checkout of digital downloads. CentiPenny’s API, which handles the entire payment process, can be integrated into a website with as little as one line of code per page.

With CentiPenny, businesses are able to charge as little as 1/100th of $0.01 up to any amount. Prices are set by the business, with default pricing and per item pricing available. From a revenue perspective, every $0.01 that a business charges translates to $10 per 1000 users.

CentiPenny was designed for ease of use by end users as well. Users spending a trivial amount of money do not want a lengthy checkout process. With CentiPenny, users are able to purchase items with a single click or take advantage of CentiPenny’s AutoPay system for automated purchasing, up to a user defined price limit.

Ad revenues have been falling since before the pandemic for digital publishers. Users have been demanding more privacy and ad-blocker usage is increasing. The one bright spot for publishers has been a modest uptick in subscriptions.

The uptick in subscriptions shows that users are willing to pay for the content, but few could afford a subscription to every website they visit each month. A quick search of Twitter shows that users are frustrated with the increasing paywall landscape and are demanding the ability to purchase ad-free access on a per content basis.

Bart Melton, CEO of CentiPenny said:”The idea of micropayments has been around for several decades, but has never been successfully implemented. At CentiPenny, we set out to create a “micropayments with an easy button” system with real world use cases in mind that would be simple to use for both businesses and users. We think that is a winning formula that has been missing from previous implementations.”

About CentiPenny:
CentiPenny is a micropayment processor designed for the needs of the modern internet. Specializing in payments below the $1.00 amount and enabling even sub-penny amounts, CentiPenny allows businesses to charge for each piece of content they wish to sell. Whether it is a news article or blog post to read, video to watch, song to download, or in-game purchases. With its pre-made purchase flow, many businesses are able to integrate CentiPenny quickly and easily with as little as one line of code per page.

Bart Melton
175 West Monroe Street #159
Wytheville, VA 24382

Glint Advertising Celebrates 20 Years in 2020

Glint Advertising announces its 20th anniversary with a “Pause and Reflect” campaign, an effort to not only remember that moving forward should always be a priority but also to remember how far they have come throughout the last 20 years. Join Glint on their journey. For more information and to receive free downloads and swag, please join the “Pause and Reflect” campaign by visiting glintadv.com and utilize #pauseandreflect during social engagements.

Fort Worth, TX., December 22, 2020 — Glint Advertising has reached an exciting milestone as the company celebrates 20 years of success by collaborating with its clients to produce compelling creative work that delivers results. Since 2000, Glint has maintained steady growth and positive relationships with clients while maintaining a high quality of work and service.

This approach was the company’s motivation when initially founded in 2000 and remains the same today: to craft targeted and creative solutions that connect clients to their customers, industry, and community. Glint has achieved its goals through its commitment to excellence and strong client relationships.

The company’s service offerings have adapted in response to the ever-evolving industry, as well as the demands and expectations of their clients. Led by its original founding CEO and President, Craig Lloyd, Glint has preserved a creative perspective around business challenges over the last two decades.

Craig reflects on the company’s 20th anniversary by saying, “As we celebrate 20 years in 2020, a year, unlike any other, it makes you stop, pause, and reflect on the connections and successes that helped us reach this milestone. The people and partners who trusted us to deliver were such a big part of our success.”

In celebration of achieving this major milestone, Glint is announcing its 20th anniversary with a “Pause and Reflect” campaign, an effort to not only remember that moving forward should always be a priority but also to remember how far they’ve come throughout the last 20 years. Held primarily in the digital realm, the campaign is meant to inspire the public to pause and reflect and encourage them to remember the good, especially when times are challenging.

“Our biggest key to success has been not to be stagnant, no matter our success,” added Lloyd. “We’ve worked hard to maintain our business, and we focus on learning while consistently leveraging our position.”

The campaign highlights the agency’s journey throughout the past 20 years with video segments of important lessons learned, when their passion began, and the overall reflection of where the agency stands today. The videos serve as conversation topics and invite others to reflect on their journeys and share those moments on their social channels utilizing #pauseandreflect.

Glint Advertising is pausing and reflecting on their past and future, and they want to be joined in the journey. For more information and to receive free downloads and swag, please join the “Pause and Reflect” campaign by visiting glintadv.com and utilize #pauseandreflect and #glintadvertising in social engagements.

About Glint Advertising:
Glint Advertising was founded in 2000 and provides branding, advertising, and marketing services to a diverse client base throughout North Texas and beyond. Glint is a full-service advertising agency specializing in branding and integrated marketing campaigns, focusing on strategy and collaboration. Glint has received numerous awards for its creative work. For more information, visit glintadv.com or contact Ryan Noel at 817-616-0320.

Craig Lloyd
Glint Advertising
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Pause and Reflect