Power Couple Releasing New Music We Are One

The newest couple on the gospel scene, David and Tiffany Spencer, releases their new single “We Are One.”

Laurinburg, Scotland., January 5, 2021 — The newest couple on the gospel scene, David and Tiffany Spencer, releases their new single “We Are One.” The single will be available on January 15, 2021, on all digital outlets. The release date is also Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday. The song is a reminder that King’s dream can be a reality. If we remember that we are one, we can get to the Promised Land together.

“We Are One” is a battle cry that we should continue to labor together until we realize King’s dream. “I enjoyed recording this song, and I hope listeners will embrace the message,” Tiffany said. “Our goal is to help people move past divisiveness by singing along with us- We Are One.”

2020 Elections brought out the best and worse in people. Voters on both sides of the aisle were very passionate and rightfully so. “We have to be careful not to let passion turn into hate towards our brothers and sisters who may not agree with our political stance,” David said. “Our differences do not have to divide us.”

The new single “We Are One” is riding the momentum of the couple’s recent successes.

“Gonna Make It,” the couple’s break out single, has been featured on radio stations around the country, charting as high as #22 on the Gospel Internet Radio BDS chart for airplay. The duet’s album “One Touch” was named the 2020 Kingdom Image Award Best Album of the year and won a 2020 Rhythm of Gospel Award for Best Packaging.

“It was such a huge honor and privilege to get the call four years ago to produce a few tracks for David and Tiffany’s acclaimed project, One Touch. Having worked with many versatile artists, I found working with them allowed me to take music production further without boundaries,” said Chris Adams, CEO of VonJoie Music. “Their chemistry, bond, and anointing made the records shine.”

David and Tiffany’s vocals are featured on records with Kim Cash Tate, Bryon Walker, Sheri Jones Moffett, Will Harris Fellowship Chorale, JaShawna Bellamy, and many more projects. James Patrick Stuart, Emmy Award Nominee, featured the couple’s “soultry vocals” on his record “Can You Feel Me,” which he performed on ABC’s General Hospital.

David and Tiffany Spencer, high school sweethearts, met during choir rehearsal at Lumberton Senior High. They are now happily married with three children, Daveah, David Jr., and Amiyah. Tiffany is a music educator at Spring Hill Middle School in Scotland County. David serves as the Minister of Music at Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church, in Bennettsville, SC.

To Contact or Book David & Tiffany Spencer visit www.davidandtiffanyspencer.com

David Spencer
Sound of David
Laurinburg, Scotland

MSME Registration | SSI | UDYAM | Udyog Aadhar Registration India

MSME Registration | SSI | UDYAM | Udyog Aadhar Registration can be obtained by startups, micro, small & medium sized enterprises in India to avail various subsidies and schemes aimed at SME businesses.


Udyam Registration is the new process of MSME/UDYOG AADHAAR Registration launched by the the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises on July 1, 2020.


In agreement with the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development (MSMED) Act of 2006, the Government of India has introduced MSMEs or Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises. These companies are primarily engaged in the manufacture, production, processing or preservation of products and commodities.

In a nation like India, MSMEs play a critical role in the country’s social growth and economic development. MSMEs in India are also making a major contribution to India’s production, transport, employment and enterprise units. The MSME sector is also popularly known as the Small Scale Industry (SSI) in India.

Benefits of Udyam Registration

  • Tax Benefits
  • Easy Clearance of Pending Payments
  • 50% discount on trademark and Patent Fees
  • Lesser Interest Rates For Bank OverDraft(OD)
  • Eligible for Mudra Loan Scheme
  • Apply Government Tenders Easily


For More Details Contact

MSME Registration Consultancy Services

CorpAid Consultancy Services Private Limited.

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How much does full car service cost in Jaipur?

Car Service-A Basic Guide


Car service is a headache for car owners today. People are fumbling around where to go and how much they should pay for car service in Jaipur.


Here we will dive:- 


  1. Selection of car service centers which are near me


  1. How near the car service from my home


  1. Alternate workshop near my residence


  1. The estimate of cost of car periodic service 


  1. The main components of car repair which will include in the car regular service.


  1. Gadi Care a Fresh Start-up in Jaipur


Suppose I need my car maintenance, so I would simply search on the internet “car service centers near me” and would find out suitable results. But it is very difficult to make a guess as to how much the car repair & maintenance is going to cost me. 


Selection of the right car service center nearby:-

Your existing car workshop where generally you take your car for regular service, should be the main priority. You have a relationship and faith bound with that service center. It is going to save your time and money.

Give a shot to other car repair center near your area

Sometimes we need to change the car workshop to test their honesty. The benefits of changing the car workshop, sometimes trigger the desired results. A low cost vehicle service part and economical car repair services may come into the results.


Getting estimate of vehicle service cost:-

Some workshop owners offer estimates of cost when a vehicle arrives. But there are many online platforms of car servicing booking that may offer these estimates instantly. 


This is a best option to obtain a car repair cost without going anywhere. Gadi Care is one of the most economical online platforms which provides better quotations for car owners in the city of Jaipur.


The key components of vehicle maintenance:-


There are various factors and key notes to a car maintenance schedule. Which are


  • Quality of engine oil:-

Always choose high branded engine oil for your car service. High quality engine oil reduces the wear and tear of the car engine and makes the life long. Sometimes high quality engine oil costs little-bit extra but gives great results.  Vehicle running cost would drop down when we use synthetic engine oil. Synthetic engine oil is considered to top notch quality.


  • Spark  and heater Plugs:-

A petrol car has spark plugs whereas diesel cars have heater plugs. These plugs need to be clean or changed according to condition in every car service and maintenance process.


  • Oil filter:-

Oil filter extracts the metal parts from the engine oil and helps it to flow smoothly within the engine. When engine oil changes it is highly recommended that the engine oil filter must be replaced.


  • Air filter:-

Air filter passes the fresh air to the engine intake manifold. The pure air gives the highest engine    performance. This is a very important filter part for a vehicle that needs to be checked and replaces time to time.


  • Fuel filter:-

Pure the fuel, higher the engine performance! Fuel filters need to be replaced in regular intervals in diesel cars but the car mechanics need to focus on petrol cars because the petrol fuel filter runs longer.


  • Coolant or water:

Coolant keeps the engine cool. When it reduces or expires, the vehicle faces heating problems. Heating is the major problem for the engine. If it keeps continuing or heat fully once, the engine will take all kinds of work and make longer & killing bills.


  • Brake fluids & Headlights:- 

Brakes and headlights are very important parts of any car. Brake fluids and headlight are thoroughly checked and repaired if needed in every car service .


  • Wiper blade and wiper fluid:-

          Wiper blades need to be replaced after a year. The old wiper blade causes the scratch                                              marks on the front windscreen which results in low visibility. Wiper fluid keeps the windscreen clean. It is recommended that car mechanics always focus on wiper blades and wiper fluids.


  • Brake services:-

Brake services always included the full car maintenance service. It is an essential part of the services. Brakes must work properly and smoothly.


Originality of the car service & maintenance parts:-


One should always check the originality of the car service & maintenance parts. A low quality car part may result in decrease the engine life and increase the running cost. Always beware the copy products.


 These copy products are the same in physical appearance but have very low quality. These products cost you as original but make high wear and tear of a car. As a result your car will need frequent services in regular intervals.


Owners Manuals:-


Owners manual is a rule book of your car service and maintenance . All the workshops owners and the car owners must read properly. All kinds of information about the vehicle and its maintenance is available. A good car mechanic always follows this rule book. 


Gadi Care-A start-up with economical car service & maintenance:-


Gadi Care offers on-demand car services & maintenance in Jaipur. All the service and repair offers by Gadi Care are very economical with professional experience. Progressive machinery, top-range spare, transparent and convenient car service & repair methods make it more customer friendly.

 Quality work has been an identity of Gadi Care for the last many years. Now, Gadi Care started its own online platform where anyone can book car service and see the cost of car service instantly. Free pick-up and drop facility drives it apart from the rush. This startup counted more than 92% of customer retention last year. 

To know the cost of your car service & maintenance, visit https://gadicare.in/