Virginia’s IT staffing and employment agency – ILOGTEK

ILOGTEK with its offices in USA and India, possess a highly experienced tech savvy team with customer centric approach, at ILOGTEK focus and quality is a habit coupled with cost effectiveness and this combination is a rare culture which is hard to find with other firms of global repute. Our consultants share your vision, spirit, business strategy and processes that clients expect from a software company.

Practically it’s impossible to develop/deliver a solution to a client’s specific business need until unless we discuss with them and attain a deep understanding about their business process, how and where exactly can we add that extra value with our solution to help them improve their efficiency, without leaving a trace for any gaps that happen for overlooking the requirements. This approach has always provided an edge to our clients over their competitors who are at the end of their elbow.

Today ILOGTEK being almost a decade old company with one of the best dual-shore application management development capabilities is ndoubtedly more than just any software solutions company.

Our IT recruiting company – ILOGTEK is committed to excellence. Our goal as a IT staffing agency is to provide our clients with prompt delivery of experienced, qualified and talented individuals who will share and help to achieve their company’s desired image.

At ILOGTEK we always share the vision of our customers and closely work with their requirements and help them stay in line with their goals. ILOGTEK is the best in Virginia for taking up assignments like Customer Relationship management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Integration, e-business, and Business Intelligence (BI) as well as Outsourcing Services and other applications.

ILOGTEK is an excellent IT staffing agency in Virginia and is among the most trusted staffing agencies. We have set many records to get highly qualified and specialized personnel at a substantially low cost to our clients.  Our company is dedicated to our clients’ success and we work to provide the best match for their company. We examine our pool of candidates until we find the one that is the best, given the qualifications and experience needed for our clients’ company.

ILOGTEK IT recruiter staffing solution company is more than a staffing agency. Our company works hard to develop relationships with all of our clients, providing a level of service that extends beyond the task-oriented service company. We exist to provide our clients with the very best, most personal, and reliable services.

ILOGTEK with its offices in the USA and India, possess a highly experienced tech-savvy team with a customer-centric approach, here focus and quality is a habit coupled with cost-effectiveness and this combination is a rare culture which is hard to find with other firms of global repute. Our consultants share our clients’ vision, spirit, business strategy and processes that clients expect from a software company.

ILOGTEK being almost a decade old is one of the most reliable companies with one of the best dual-shore application management development capabilities and is undoubtedly more than just any software solutions company.

Medical Billing Company in California | Bristol Healthcare Services

Bristol Healthcare Services is a leading Medical Coding and Billing services company that offer’s customized service at an affordable price. We make the difference for you; we only get paid when you get paid.

Ensuring that we have invested in your success

Our medical billing services are focused on your bottom-line. We customize medical billing, medical coding and accounts receivables as per your needs, so that you can focus on your core area.

As a Medical Billing Services company, we have the experience and expertise you need to increase your revenues and decrease your expenses. We have helped many clients to save up to 50% on their overall expenses. Our experienced staff with our state-of-the- art infrastructure helps to accelerate your cash flow. Our certified billers and coders provide high quality coding, billing and revenue cycle management.

We have extensive experience in working on multiple Medical Billing and Coding Software. Our real time experience in handling 42+ medical specialties ensure all denials are resolved on time. We handle providers nationwide, but you will always feel that we are a medical billing company near me. Our Medical Billing Management focuses on submitting clean claims, quick payment and claim dispute resolution.

We bring in years of onshore and offshore experience ensuring you get the best of practices to our processes. As of one the leading medical billing outsourcing companies we ensure we modify our services to fit your practice needs. We have been recognized as one of the trusted Medical Billing companies in India and US. Our business model ensures we use our technology and Medical Billing experts to delivery high quality services. We have transformed many moderate practices into a high end productive units ensuring focus on patient care.

We focus on maximizing your revenue from the day one. With Bristol healthcare services and system your claims are submitted accurately and appropriately, thus you get paid faster, reduced rejections and progressive follow up on unpaid, low-paid or mis-adjudicated claims. Most practices just don’t have the resources to handle this level of billing and continue to deal with the pains and uncertainties of in-house billing.

With our Medical billing service, you receive a complete solution that includes Patient demographics, charges entered, primary / secondary / tertiary claim submission, cash posting, denial management, flip balance, financial reporting and analysis – as well Say goodbye to those back office headaches – and hello to a trusted, medical billing and coding services provider.

Our value added services include:

  • 1.Fee Schedule Negotiation
  • 2.Re-Credentialing
  • 3.EDI and EFT setup
  • 4.Real time patient eligibility verification

These combined services and processes are able to deliver more money, faster

Why not you benefit the same as rest of our other clients do

CALL + 1 (800) 253-7320 or click here we will call you.

Eligibility Verification

This service can reduce rejected claims, save staff time and also improve patient relationships.

Medical Coding

Medical Records are reviewed and codes are assigned based on coding guidelines.

E-publishing services

High quality digital solutions at optimal cost and ensure all our client requirements are met on time.

Account Receivables

We keep a good track of outstanding accounts and follow-up on time providing maximized revenues.

Medical Billing & Medical Coding Company | Bristol Healthcare Services

Bristol Healthcare Services is a premier medical billing, medical coding and revenue cycle management company. We are a national service provider with clients spread all over the country geographically. We are committed to helping our clients receive highest quality and optimal reimbursement. We are dedicated in ensuring our clients get paid accurately and on time. We understand each client is unique and draft our process plan to suit their needs. We work very closely with our clients and their staff to truly work as their extended office. Our experienced billers and coders utilize latest technologies to increase efficiency in our billing and coding processes. At Bristol we pay exceptional attention to every detail; this ensures our clients get maximum value.

As a leading medical billing and coding company we always ensure our clients see improved collections. Our extensive multispecialty billing experience increases our performances and helps us to stay on top of all industry changes. We understand that every claim is important and ensure clean claims submission. We work hard and make sure maximum numbers of claim are paid the first time. We simplify coding and billing process ensuring increase in reimbursements and decrease in denials.

Bristol Healthcare Services specializes in electronic billing ensuring speedy reimbursement for our clients. We provide the most comprehensive medical coding and billing services utilizing advanced technology and experienced staff. We continuously keep track of industry changes and requirements reducing the compliance risk for our clients. We have a proven track record of saving time and money for our clients consistently. We understand the importance of privacy standards related to PHI (Patient Health Information) as mandated by HIPPA and HITECH