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Water Tank Cleaning Services Dubai

RiseUpDubai is one of the leading service providers of Water tank Cleaning and All-in-one Disinfection services in Dubai. RiseUpDubai, which started trading in 2008. We saw that manual cleaning of large water tanks, which are a vital feature of all residential and industrial developments in the city of Dubai, was inefficient and produced unsatisfactory results.

After experimenting unsuccessfully with poor quality second-hand mechanical cleaners, we purchase modern cleaning equipment from Germany. We started the business enthusiastically, we found himself facing many problems almost from the very beginning. As we were new to the business and had only a few clients, he did not have sufficient cash flow to pay his workers. We also faced marketing issues as we did not have funds for marketing and had to rely on word-of-mouth publicity.

By rising above difficult personal and professional challenges, Rise Up Dubai has grown a business employing 14 people who service over 1500 clients. RiseUpDuabi’s use of an imported machine has been a key factor in his success, as it consumes less electricity and cleans better than domestic machines, and he has since bought three more. We overcame redundancy and losing his savings, providing cleaning services for water tanks in residential and commercial complexes.

Rise Up Dubai services to residential buildings and colonies, commercial complexes, educational institutes, hospitals, municipal corporations and industries. Currently, We are handling the work for 1500 such complexes in Dubai including five major companies, and he plans to expand to the whole state of UAE in the next five years.