How To Find The Right Retail POS Software For Your Company

Retail POS software is an extremely important tool that helps in a proper organizing of work in the companies of different sizes. However, many companies do not realize it’s importance till the time they start facing acute problems that affect their day-to-day functioning. A Right retail POS software can get tremendous benefits to the people working in the organization as well as the organization itself. Let us see checklist options that help to find the right retail POS software India for your company:

A. Compatibility

Installing retail POS software that is compatible with your hardware system is an important pre-requisite for the retail software to work smoothly and efficiently. Check for all the POS software options and narrow down your choices, evaluate the hardware choices like checking on different peripherals, touch screens and terminals.

B. Terminals

The next important thing is to check how many terminals you require. One terminal is sufficient for one retail location; multiple locations may require a larger quantity of POS terminal may be required especially the stores that have heavy customer traffic. After deciding how many terminals you would require, you have to decide on the type of terminal that you would require that best fit your retail environment. If the business has space constraints than all-in-one terminal can be installed or a tablet POS can be used as stationary POS system.

C. Peripherals

After selecting the number and type of terminals you would require in your POS system, it is time for you to select POS peripherals like PIN pads, barcode scanners, and equipment for data backup and cash drawers. Using all-in-one terminal would let you have less peripheral since they come pre-installed with terminals.

D. Budget

Another most important part of choosing the type of POS retail system is to check on the hardware budget for the POS system. Always remember to factor into your budget and its on-going costs such as hardware maintenance, training and software maintenance. Take into account the total cost of ownership of the system.

E. Vendors

Choosing a good vendor is another important milestone in choosing the type of retail POS software India you would be using. Different businesses sell different POS systems or different parts of the system. Companies should work with a vendor that helps to support the system you want, sell the POS software and develop the software further for greater benefit. It is highly important to make a careful evaluation of the POS retail system and the hardware that will most easily go with your business requirements. Choose a POS system that will rightly support the operations and your business goals.

After careful evaluation of the retail POS software India and hardware choices available to you and how they can meet your business’s needs, you will find the right retail POS system to support your operations and business goals.

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AN APPETITE FOR BUSINESS NETWORKING. DineHero – The tastiest networking app launches

“Before DineHero, there was no app that helped people turn a regular meal into a team-building opportunity in a restaurant or their company’s cafeteria,” says Thet Soe, DineHero’s Co-founder. “The DineHero app is a tool for companies looking to boost collaboration and productivity by encouraging more interaction between departments, teams and professional levels.”

The free app is aimed at corporations and professionals at all levels, facilitating the transformation
of a regular lunch or dinner into a fruitful networking opportunity, and a chance to meet those with
shared interests who can become real-world connections.
While dining is largely regarded as a social activity, the power of social dining in a business
environment has many advantages, providing an opportunity to break individual and team silos,
and bond further with colleagues.
In a world where 40 to 70 per cent of jobs are filled via personal contacts (Source: PBS
NewsHour), identifying any area where further connections can be made is vital to anyone looking
to progress their career and look for work. Furthermore, only 20 per cent of jobs actually get
posted (Source: Forbes) so networking holds greater power than ever.
DineHero has a number of key features including “Radar Invite”, a tool that notifies users near
events you create in your current city or destination. A proprietary algorithm enables users to find
like-minded professionals or those individuals from similar backgrounds, and nearby events can
be browsed and joined using an interactive map.
The app works just as well at a localized level as it does internationally, encouraging interactions
among extended colleagues in the same workplace, as well as those from other companies or
even countries, when away from home.
“Before DineHero, there was no app that helped people turn a regular meal into a networking
opportunity in a restaurant or their company’s cafeteria” says Thet Soe, DineHero’s Co-founder.
“DineHero is a terrific tool for professionals who want to expand their networks, and corporations
looking to boost collaboration and productivity by encouraging more interaction between
departments and teams” he added.
In today’s digital world, integration with Yelp and Google enhances the user experience further,
auto-completing restaurant or company addresses for the user, and allowing both browsing and
sign-up to events via an interactive map.
The app is available for iPhones for now and can be downloaded from App Store. More
information can be found by logging on to

Bookkeeping Rates, bookkeeping | Small Business Bookkeeping Tips

If you are a small business owner, the most sensible choice for you may be to hire an outside bookkeeper to handle your books and accounting, as opposed to doing them yourself or having a full time bookkeeper as an employee. Hiring outside contract professionals can often be a worrisome task. Unless you can find a candidate through a personal referral, you will never really know what you’re about to get. Moreover, there’s a wide variety of bookkeeping and accounting skill sets, education, certification, and professional backgrounds that will greatly influence the standard hourly rate of a contract bookkeeper. If you don’t know much about bookkeeping and accounting yourself, it might be hard to determine how experienced your hired bookkeeper really needs to be. This article will give you a general range of typical bookkeeping rates, as well as help you get an idea of what kind of candidate you should realistically aim to hire, based on the circumstances of your business.

To give you a very basic idea, a standard contract bookkeeper will typically cost $20-50 dollars an hour. If your books are already set up and running and you simply require a bookkeeper to book recurring transactions, you can realistically hire a solid candidate in the lower part of this range. If you are starting bookkeeping from scratch, chances are you will need someone with more comprehensive experience who knows how to set up books for your business. This person will need to have solid knowledge in bookkeeping software, as well as bookkeeping and accounting principles, in order to create a system to optimally track your business’s finances. Chances are this kind of candidate will cost $40/hr or more. If you need help with higher level accounting issues, such as interpreting and handling taxes which apply to your business, you will need to hire a certified accountant, who will realistically cost $100/hr or more.

Don’t worry, though, it’s absolutely possible to hire an entry level bookkeeper for less to handle the more rudimentary bookkeeping work your business will require, while only hiring the more advanced accountant for higher level tasks when it is necessary.

Keep this in mind: A great bookkeeper is worth his or her weight in gold. Experienced bookkeepers will make sure your businesses finances are tracked comprehensively and accurately, while also providing valuable financial advice based on the monetary trends he or she sees as the books grow over time. A bookkeeper can offer suggestions to improve your bottom line that will end up paying for their services, and maybe then some. Don’t be cheap with an unqualified bookkeeper – the last thing you want is for your books to be sloppy and inaccurate. That can be very costly as the future unfolds. Most small businesses starting out will only require a few hours of bookkeeping a week. So don’t worry about a good but more expensive bookkeeper totally breaking your bank.

West Midlands Accountants LTD, bookkeeping services for small and medium size business can help your bottom line thrive.