Hair Loss from Lupus – Its Causes & Prevention

Lupus is a type of autoimmune disorder, in this condition, the body mistakes the body’s own tissues as foreign bodies and starts attacking its own tissues. This causes hair fall problem. It is basically a type of long auto immunodeficiency, which appears to attack the connective tissues of individuals. This disease can cause swelling, severe damage and other infections on your skin. Our immune system attacks healthy tissues and creates problems of inflammation. In this disease there can be swelling of the skin and scalp, resulting in hair loss. Lupus patients tend to have more hair loss due to hair shampoo and brushing. Apart from this, their hair becomes dry and rough. Lupus may also cause autoimmune thyroid disease, which is another common cause of hair fall. A 2009 study published in The North American Journal of Medical Sciences states that there is a problem of hair loss due to the systemic lupus erythematosus.

This particular type of disease is found in women who have crossed 40 years of age. Genetic factors can also be the reason behind this disease. Other causes of disease include side effects of drugs, ultra violet rays, viral infections.

You must have heard of many diseases in which a person passes through pain and suffering in his daily life. Lupus is also a similar disease, which generally tends to harm your skin. With this disease, you can feel redness and swelling on your face.


In Lupus, it is possible to notice the loss of hair of the eyelashes, eyebrows, beard or body in addition to hair loss. There are two main types of alopecia: scarring and non-scarring.

Scarring means that the hair follicles are destroyed due to swelling thus has no follicles present resulting in any possibility of hair growth. Discoid lupus is the reason for scarring alopecia. However, it noticed at right time it can be treated.

Non-scarring indicates the presence of hair follicles and thus the possibility of hair growth increases. Hair loss can be one of the symptoms of lupus.

What causes lupus hair loss?

There are two main things that can cause hair loss in lupus patients:

Lupus is of 2 types

  • Discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE)
  • Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)

Discoid Lupus is mainly related with the skin and does not affect the body internally. Systemic Lupus is mainly responsible for hair loss as it attacks the body organs as well.

Medications: There are various medications available to hair loss related to lupus. The consumption of these medicines can give a sigh of relief. Corticosteroids like Prednisone: These are powerful anti-inflammatory medications. (Only with doctors prescription).

Immunosuppressive medications: These are prescribed to suppress the immune system’s activity.

 Can I prevent hair loss from lupus?

Lupus flares can be managed by controlling the stress levels and maintaining a good healthy regime and regular checkups. You can quickly reverse hair loss due to discoid. Avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible as it can result in flares due to photosensitivity. Waer sunscreen and hats, full sleeves will help.

Things You Can Do About Lupus Hair Loss and Alopecia

Wigs: You can buy wig which will match with your hair and can be a really great option to cover significant hair loss.

Hairstyle: Try changing the hairstyle that can give a volume to your hair. Haircuts with \ layers also give an impression of thicker hair.

Hair Extensions: These can be attached to the existing healthy hair by invisible clips and they can give the appearance of thicker, longer and healthier hair.

Hair Transplantation or Cosmetic Surgery:  If everything else fails, you still have solution that can change your life. Hair transplants are quite successful these days, many actor actresses apt this method for hair growth. The cost of the hair transplant in Chennai is quite cheap as compared to the other countries. Apart from this, it is safe, painless, 100% natural and PERMANENT.

The hair grown once with the help of hair transplant will stay forever as they are taken from the parts which remain unaffected by hormones.

While losing your tresses is disheartening and horrible, both types of lupus hair loss and alopecia are reversible if detected at early stages.Come what may happen the person should not feel unconfident due to any ailment. It’s Okay! You are already a suffer, don’t be a victim. Enjoy and be positive in all phases of life.

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