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Recently, cryptocurrency mining has become a good means of earning, especially given the high rate of Bitcoin and other digital virtual money. Today, the methods of earning cryptocurrency have expanded and this is possible only with the help of mining, and the creation of farms is gradually giving way to a more progressive and convenient method – cloud mining.

The meaning of cloud mining

This type of mining of bitcoins and altcoins, exempts from the cost of electricity, round-the-clock monitoring, software configuration and other difficulties associated with the classic mining option on its equipment. Cloud mining is the usual bitcoin and altcoin earnings due to computing power, only without using personal equipment of the miner. With this type of mining of coins, equipment is rented from services (companies) that have powerful data centers with cryptocurrency farms.

Thus, anyone who wants to do cloud mining rents parts of the computing power of a company with high- productiveness farms for a certain subscription fee, which depends on the rented channel. At the same time, the organization assumes all the concerns associated with setting up and maintaining equipment, paying for electricity and the Internet.

The sequence of actions to start working with such services is as follows:

– register on the site providing the service;

– replenish the account in any of the available ways;

– select a contract with a hashrate that suits the best;

– distribute power between pools in personal account.

Selecting of the best mining service

Choosing a service for cloud mining, one should pay attention to such characteristics as: resource age, publicity, multicurrency, and total capacity.

Today there are several of the largest, most reliable and proven services for cloud mining. The most profitable of them is HashFlare with large data centers in Iceland and Estonia, where each can start to mine cryptocurrency with minimal investment.

Mining using computing power is the most reliable and profitable investment of money at the moment. Looking for the perfect resource for cloud mining without investments, it is ought to remember that no one just gives money. If the project promises to “issue” a cryptocurrency without investment – with 99% probability this is Hype. Therefore, it is necessary to approach this matter very carefully and accurately, not dreaming about lots of money. On the other hand, quite a lot of cryptoservices for cloud mining offer various bonuses for registration.

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