Clinical Management System

Clinic Intelli was founded with the core mission of delivering innovative technology solutions to healthcare service providers enabling value addition to its client’s business processes and systems. We help Businesses Bridge the gap between their business and information technology. Clinic Intelli will provide customized solutions for different specialties with built in best treatment practices in each specialty for Healthcare service providers.

Clinical Management System:

Clinic Management Made Easy. In healthcare industry Patient – Physician relationship is unique and is developed on trust. Physicians use their knowledge for the betterment.

Hospital Management System:

ASPIRE HIMS – Our Unique Value Proposition ASPIRE HIMS is a hospital information management solution which has specialization for different patient types integrated with clinical.

Pharmacy Management:

Our Pharmacy Management System has options to Integrate to both OP & IP. Ward Request is one of the most sought features in a Hospital along with sophiscated daily reports from Net Colletion to FSN Analysis, etc.

Lab Information System:

Given the extremely competitive environment, we understand that pathologists and lab owners are losing sleep over multiple challenges haunting them every day.

Clinic Intelli is a company which specializes in Healthcare Solutions ranging from Consultancy to Product Development with an objective of providing cost effective value added software services to their customers.