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Blockchain is a brand new technology. It helps to much players and game developers to make purchases easier. Anyways, It has become more safely to pay for something in the game after Blockchain Gaming Platrorm was invented and activated. Right before It was working there were a lot of tricks. Bad players didn’t want to pay for nothing. How does Blockchain Gaming Platfrorm works But after a couple of years after Blockchain technology became popular, not everyone knows about how does it works. It is standing upon blocks which are connected via cpyptography. Actually it may be called as a new generation of the data. So the connection between the blocks which are really just records is covered from genesis block to the end block. Actually all the data is going through the gates and each one is closing after repeating to the next block with a safe data. It has made impossible to make a false transaction and get some goods. And it works even with a computer games. There is a lot of priceless stuff that should be safe and no one wants to lose it. The “gates” are going to close in time if someone would try to steal that stuff. What are the purposes to use Blockchain Platform? Right if you think that you are not ready to use any of new era technology read the next advantages of a Blockchain Gaming: It is making all the money in the system to be safe; It’s almost automatic in use; You can get a financial profit if you will use it; The prices would be dynamic if you want; There is going to be less questions to technical support. Blockchain gaming may be used for mobile applications and for PC games. As it usually goes, almost all the stuff for Dota 2, CS:GO or PUBG is selling via Steam. And Steam is using that technology too. It was very reliable so the only way to steal the money or gaming stuff right now is to hack someone’s account. Just too hard to get a couple of dollars. Also it becomes very for an average player important to buy something in the game. The game is changing after the developers are opening a market. Everyone wants to buy something to be unique. And if the purchase is letting a person to get an easy progress, it becomes an obligation to buy some stuff. But these days it is better to use Blockchain Gaming Platform. Otherways the players wouldn’t be so happy to pay the price and be robbed by hackers. The money should be safe and that’s why your income as a developer would grow up.