Accounting, Book keeping and Tax Preparation Services for UK

What does R R Accountants Services stand for?

FPO is an acronym for Finance Process Outsourcing. Traditionally, Finance Process Outsourcing has been a management tool available only to large companies. These companies saved millions of dollars by outsourcing their non-core functions, such as accounting, finance and Human Resources to specialized service providers.

R R Accountants Services provides outsourcing of these back-office functions to small, mid-size, emerging growth companies and practicing Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and Chartered accountants.

I am thinking about starting a business. Why do I need R R Accountants Services?

R R Accountants Services has helped number of start-up ventures. There are many important decisions that need to be made with the help of someone experienced with complex accounting, financing, business, and tax issues. One example is the preparation of financial projections to be included in the business plan. These projections are used to formulate a financing strategy and, upon funding, a tax strategy to minimize taxes.

After funding, there are several other issues that need to be immediately addressed such as selecting affordable accounting software, establishing budgets, implementing policies, procedures and authorizations, registering the business with the appropriate local, state and federal agencies, establishing a month-end closing schedule to ensure timely, accurate financial statements.

I have just started a business. Why do I need R R Accountants Services?

Congratulations! There are now several issues that need to be discussed and actions taken. Some examples are the type of accounting software to be purchased and implemented (we always emphasize keeping this expense to a minimum, as most low end packages now offer much of the same functionality as the expensive, industry specific packages), the policies and procedures (who can buy what and how much can they spend), accounting policies (how and when do you recognize revenue), establishing a month-end closing schedules to ensure timely, accurate financial statements, compensation strategies (including stock options, restricted stock, employee benefits), establishing a filing system (believe us, this is extremely important and a good, neat, organized filing system saves much time and many headaches in the future).



R R Accountants Services has experts in these areas who will help you in these tasks in the initial business phase.

I already have a bookkeeper. Why do I need R R Accountants Services?

Most bookkeepers do a great job. Remember though, they usually do not have the experience to address many of the complex issues that face small businesses today. Many of these issues do not surface until they become a problem. These issues, and there are many, will inevitably “rear their ugly head” at the most inopportune time, if ignored, or are not properly addressed. Bookkeepers record transactions, but often do not know the full implication of the transactions for financial statement and tax purposes. Also, many business owners do not have the background to properly train and supervise a bookkeeper. Bookkeepers can make bad decisions if there is no one to answer complex financial questions. We pride ourselves on building trust and rapport with our client’s staff and we are always reachable by phone. We strongly encourage them to contact us with questions or issues at any time.

  I already have an accounting staff. Why do I need R R Accountants Services?

Most accounting staff employees have limited work experience. They perhaps have worked at two or three other companies where they reported to a more senior accountant. They may now be reporting to the business owner who has a background in general business, engineering or sales – probably not finance or accounting. There may be many areas where these staff accountants do not have experience and need guidance.

R R Accountants Services can provide this guidance and management. This enables the staff accountant to grow and to gain the experience to properly address these issues.

Eventually, the staff accountant can be promoted to Controller or CFO and then becomes a more valuable and dedicated employee. At that time, the talents of R R Accountants Services may not be needed. This is a win-win situation. It is a win for R R Accountants Services because we were successful in our mission, which is to help our clients grow, and a win for you because you now have an accounting staff that can bring you to the next level.

  I just downsized and fired my accounting staff. Why do I need R R Accountants Services?

Although your business size has reduced in terms of sales and number of employees, there are still bills to pay, payrolls to process, financial statements to prepare, bankers and investors to satisfy, business plans and projections to be updated, new sources of capital to be sought, analyses of costs to be completed, cash flows analyses to be prepared, etc. The need for timely, accurate, professional and, perhaps most importantly, affordable accounting and finance information is now more important than ever.

The presence of a financial professional is also critical to keep the confidence of investors and bankers during these uncertain times Accounting 24/7 can perform the routine accounting and bookkeeping functions and provide the higher-level (CFO and Controllership) assistance that is critically needed during these times. R R Accountants Services will work with you to ensure that all of your needs are addressed in a timely and affordable manner.

Is there a minimum commitment required to use R R Accountants Services?

No. We are committed to meet your needs. Our experience has taught us that every client is different and there is no “one size fits all” solution. We know that every company has a different culture and every CEO a different management style. We pride ourselves on being very flexible.

We believe strongly in giving clients the flexibility to use R R Accountants Services as much or as little as they feel comfortable and justified. We have clients who use us several days a week and other clients who use us a couple of times a year.

Our commitment to serve these different clients is the same. We will always offer clients a fixed price or hourly arrangement and give them the flexibility to switch from one arrangement to another any time.

Does R R Accountants Services replace my auditor?

No. Your auditor is an independent outside accountant that delivers audited or reviewed financial statements and is very important to the success of your business. R R Accountants Services represents you and your business and should be considered you’re inside accountant. R R Accountants Services shall answer all the accounting queries of your auditor.

 How much does R R Accountants Services cost?

The cost is dependent on many factors, such as the number of hours involved, the number of transactions to be keyed in, the volume of non-accounting functions (sorting, reviewing, etc), the function to be staffed and timelines. R R Accountants Services always ensures that the scope and the timing of the assignment are clearly defined and a budget established. R R Accountants Services always offers an hourly or a fixed price arrangement. We feel strongly believe that our advice, experience and work ethic will result in savings and efficiencies that greatly exceed the fee paid to R R Accountants Services.

 How can R R Accountants Services complete financial statements at 50% of the cost?

The cost of R R Accountants Services offshore team is significantly less than US/UK based accountants. High caliber accountants are available at lower costs.

 How does R R Accountants Services maintain the confidentiality of client data and financial statements?

Our customized Remote Access process ensures that original client documents never leave your office. The R R Accountants Services team subscribes to a code of professional ethics and sign non-disclosure agreements to protect your confidential information.

How does R R Accountants Services offshore team stay informed of current U.S. accounting practices?   R R Accountants Services offshore team participates regularly in training programs conducted by Quick books, Ace Write up, Peachtree, Turbo tax, Pro series, and others. In addition, R R Accountants Services trains their teams based on client needs and client specific software