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To achieve the top-notch quality and exceptional designs, Without any compromise, our Faucets are created by a pool of International designs



We are dedicated to bath high-end quality and stunning looks. It diversified styles perfect structure, smooth patterns. it demonstrates aesthetic designs of modern lifestyle.



Experimentation in forms, materials, and dimensions mark this movement. Artful lines and following forms play against geometric structures, creating a sharp contrast and forging a new direction forward in design.



Luxury is about authentic lifestyle. Luxury was created to help proper live a more comfortable life, not to drive revenue. You can experience the essence of luxury with each of the collection



Here We represent the unique and exceptional product lines. each and every product line is an ambassador of modern day architectures and lifestyle.



Water performance have shows the different designs and shapes with which we introduce different water forms to the world


Every series of Faucet collection is created and developed according to the linking and requirement of interior designers and architects

Colston Commits you completely your desire for your personal space



Colston has established itself as an ambassador of designing and innovation in the bathing segment.


Designing team of Colston is Characterised by a dedication of innovation, technical excellence, and durability.

Designing of the product, for us, means working and passionately.

Commitments of Quality




From selecting the long-lasting raw materials to designing and finishing the product, We always strive for an unmatched quality of product and perfection in customer service, what enhances our customer satisfaction

Market Growth of Solid State Lighting to Remain Sluggish through 2025

Solid State Lighting Market: Introduction

Technological changes have led to a scenario where high heat generating and energy consuming illumination sources such as electrical filaments, plasma, gas etc. are replaced by less heat generating and energy consuming illumination sources such as light-emitting diodes (LEDs), organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), polymer light-emitting diodes (PLEDs) etc. Henceforth, lighting generation by making use of filament, gas etc. as a source have also witnessed a transition to LEDs, OLEDs etc. sources.

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Solid state lighting is a process of generating light by making use of semiconductor LEDs, OLEDs etc. as a source of illumination. Greater resistance to shocks & vibrations, enhanced quality light output, smaller & flexible lighting fixtures and longer life span of the product are some of the added advantages of solid state lighting over conventional brittle glass tubes/bulbs etc.

Solid State Lightings are widely adopted and used in traffic lights, train marker lights, remote controls, building exteriors, parking lot lights, vehicle lights etc. Initiations from government are also witnessed for the adoption of solid state lighting.

Solid State Lighting Market: Drivers and Challenges

A high adoption of LED, OLED, and PLED technology in replacement of filaments, gas etc. is expected to drive the overall growth of solid state lighting. The rate of replacement of light emission using filaments, gas etc, sources with LEDs, OLED, PLEDs etc., furthermore, justifies the growth of solid state lighting market. Global expansion of semiconductor industry simultaneously boosts the demand of solid state lighting, acting as a primary driver for the global solid state lighting market. Additionally, increasing applications of solid state lighting in various industries is driving the growth of Solid State Lighting market.

The primary factor hampering the growth of solid state lighting is its high costs. Additionally, the inefficiency of solid state lighting in heat sensitive applications also acts a restraint for solid state lighting market.

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Solid State Lighting Market: Key Players

Some of the key players of Solid State Lighting market are OSRAM GmbH, Philips Lighting Holding B.V., NICHIA CORPORATION, Semiconductor Co., Ltd., General Electric Company, Intematix Corporation, BRIGHT LIGHT SYSTEMS, INC., AIXTRON SE, Applied Materials, Inc. and Bridgelux, Inc.