27th International Conference on Psychiatry & Psychology Health

27th International conference onPsychiatry and psychology health on July 09-10, 2018 at Paris, France

Theme of the conference“Latest Research & Advancement in Psychiatry & Psychology Health”.

Conference brings national and International renowned personalities to a single floor and also provides a good opportunity for business and conference include symposia, workshops, lectures, YRF (Young Research Forum), poster presentation and various other programs for the participant over the globe .

According to (world health organization) WHO, France is the world’s most depressed nation (21%), USA is in 2nd position (19.2%). French consume more anti-depressants than other countries. In France 32% men and 26% women smoke daily.

In France with a population of 65 million ,about 12 million people suffer from one more mental disorder ,where as 83 million people affected worldwide .Rates for women are significantly higher as compared to men

1st Edition of Advancements on Ophthalmology Surgery and Clinical Practice

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We invite all the participants and attendees from all over the world to attend 1st Edition of Advancements on Ophthalmology Surgery and Clinical Practice during July 31st – August 1st, 2018 at Barcelona, Spain


Ophthalmic Surgery 2018 conference will concentrate on latest and exciting innovations in areas of eye surgeries, diagnostics and recent technologies towards eye care. Since the future of ophthalmology lies in research, knowledge and technology and its rapid translation into the clinic to help patients


Conference Highlights



        Ophthalmic Surgery

        Types of ophthalmic Surgery


        Refractive Eye Surgery

        Common Ophthalmic Disorders

        Pediatric Ophthalmology

        Intraocular melanoma



        Ophthalmic surgery Practice

        Ophthalmology diagnostic tools

        Benefits of Ophthalmic Surgery

        Surgery in general

        Ocular oncology

        Entrepreneurs Investment Meet


We welcome you to go along with us at the Ophthalmology Surgery Conference 2018, where you will make certain to have an important involvement with researchers from around the globe